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"I cherish to see my farmers are the happiest clients as our products & services are fortified with Trust, Power & Confidence"

                                                                                  - Managing Director.

We at Adasca specialize in manufacturing and producing organic fertilizer products. We are well-known Organic fertilizers company in agriculture that help farmer with our organic farming product. We basically use natural sources such as use of compost, manure, and other natural materials, enhance soil fertility and structure while reducing the risk of chemical runoff and groundwater contamination. Our company manufactures organic NPK fertilizer and distributes a well-established and leading organic fertilizer company in India.  Adasca and Agriculture work hand in glove as the global agriculture need environment friendly products to ensure food security.

Adasca assure the growers around the globe harvest happiness.
Our each solutions offered to the world farming community, reflects the Trust & Care of Adasca.
Growing together is our passion.
We are growing a better world around the Globe.
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