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  • 5 Ltr

Product Description

Calmax is a synergistic complex blend of Calcium and Gluconolactate which is a easy to use formulation that provides excellent nutritional support to get sturdy and perfectly healthy plants. Calmax mixes easily with water to form a uniform sprayable mixture.

Calmax is specifically designed to provide Calcium to fruit and vegetable crops more efficiently than other forms of Calcium. It aids rapidly to fix deficiency symptoms and improve yield and quality potential of crop. Effectively supplements calcium to improve cell wall structure, cell elongation, photosynthesis and stomata regulation, leading to superior quality produce with less rejection ratio.

Dosage for calmax per acre:


Foliar application/acer

Soil application/acre

Fruit crops

500-600 ml

750-1000 ml


300-400 ml

500-750 ml


300-400 ml

500-750 ml


300-400 ml

500-750 ml

Calmax available in 1 Ltr, 2 Ltrs & 5 Ltrs pack.

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