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Product Description

Lemons is formulated with essential nutrients for the plant. The nutrients are soluble in nature and are in available form to the plants. It provides important essential micronutrients with additional boost of nitrogen in an easy-to-use concentrate to the plant. It is ideal for correcting nutrient deficiencies in vegetable gardens, field crops, fruit trees, vines and turf grasses through foliar applications. The supply of micronutrients to the plants has become need of the hour to achieve maximum productivity. This combination of nutrients stimulates faster fruit growth and colouring. As a result this allows the growers to harvest the fruits early and fetch a premium value by enter the market earlier than the schedule time. 

Lemons supports entire plant cycle including physiological & biochemical activities, stimulates chlorophyll production, cell development, thereby speeds up maturity time. Helps to withstand biotic and abiotic stress.

Improves bud retention and fruit set.  It has a unique property to detoxify the effects of heavy metals due to application of weedicide or insecticide residues in plants. The product  is free from sodium ions, has no adverse effects even in higher doses also.

Dosage and application

Foliar spray : Lemons 2 to 2.5 ml/Ltr of water after 15 days of plantation & repeat doses after every fortnight if required  till the end of the harvests for all crops.

Dosage for lemons per acre


Foliar application

Soil application

Fruit crops

500-600 ml

750-1000 ml


400-500 ml

500-750 ml


400-500 ml

500-750 ml


400-500 ml

500-750 ml

Lemons is available in 1 Ltr, 2 Ltr and 5 Ltr pack.

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