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Product Description

Topsil consists of a stabilized and bio-available form of ortho silicic acid. It is a highly plant available and bio-active
product that has positive effects on the plant. That results in a better harvest: higher yield and a better quality. It is a
proprietary organic biomix containing highly bioavaliable micro and macro nutrients. It is a pure, highly concentrated
formula with fast visible effects.

Nutritional: Increased and more balanced uptake of nutrients. Helps the plant to allow a better and more even flow of nutrients throughout the plant circulatory system.

Strength: Strengthen your plants inside out, Thicker stalks & stems, more lateral branching and better

Immunity: Stimulates plant's immune system triggers the production of immunity compounds, as wellas drawing silicon to the point of attack to rebuild andstrengthen tissue.

Yield: It will ensure optimal health of plant. More lateral branching & tight internodal space will give uniform flowers, longer shelf life of fruits thereby higher yields. 


  • Leaves no residual effect practically invulnerable to attacks by pests or fungi.
  • More resistant to high temperatures
  • More resistant to stress caused by high concentrations of salts in the substrates. 
  • Have more active photosynthesis are better and more equally mineralised, which minimizes the chance of plant deficiencies.

Dosage for topsil


Foliar application/acre

Soil application/acre

Fruit crops

400-500 ml

500-750 ml


250-300 ml

500 ml


250-300 ml

500 ml


250-300 ml

500 ml

Topsil is available in 1 Ltr, 2 Ltr and 5 Ltr Pack.

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