FERTISIL NPK 00:40:40+6% ZN
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  • 2 ltr
  • 5 ltr

Product Description

Fertisil NPK 00:40:40+ 6% Zn is absolutely a water-soluble liquid NPK fertilizer with unique combination of Zinc in the formulation to address the Zinc deficiency in the crops causing leaf chlorosis and to boost the chloroplast to have adequate chlorophyll in the leaves that facilitate photosynthesis. Fertisil NPK 00:40:40+Zn 6% a complete pool of primary nutrients and a micro element of highest purity and assimilability.

This formulation of Fertisil NPK 00:40:40+ 6% Zn free from Sodium (Na), Chlorine (Cl), Nitrates (NO3), Sulphates (SO4) and Carbonates (CO3) hence the harmful effect on the plant foliage and physiological system is mitigated.

The formulation composition has high Phosphate and Potash as a result  Phosphorus support in better photosynthesis, protein formation and almost all aspects of growth and metabolism in plants. It is essential for flower and fruit formation. Whereas potassium is associated with the movement of water, nutrients and carbohydrates in plant tissue beside other important aspect of enzyme activation.  

Scientific research suggest that all the nutrients are maximum available to plants at Neutral pH (6 to 7) which is being maintained by Fertisil NPK 00:40 + 40+ 6% Zn always and that facilitate faster & more nutrient uptake resulting into higher crop yield.

This is in liquid form and due to the designed nature of its intrinsic properties, the product is totally water soluble and has no precipitation.

The product is stable under UV ray and has all weather stability due its designed characteristics.

It has lowest salt index which doesn’t cause salt injury to crops or burn to the plant.

Fertisil NPK 00:40 + 40+ 6% Zn reduces water hardness of the spray solution, as the product has a strong resistance to deposition and is corrosion resistant, hence the drip irrigation pipes or spraying machineries and the nozzles are not susceptible to corrosion or deposition which is a huge advantage for the farming community.

Fertisil NPK 00:40:40+6% Zn available in 5 Ltr , 2 Ltr & 1 Ltr  packing.

Recommended dosage per acre.

Product Fruit crops Vegetables Pulses Cereals
Fertisil NPK 00:40:40+6% Zn 1000-2000 ml 500-750 ml 500-750 ml 500-750 ml

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