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Product Description

N-Carb a Fermented Organic Manure in liquid form provides Crop with high level of all macro , micro, primary & secondary nutrients also improves organic matter in the soil by enhancing the organic carbon in the soil structure. 

N-Carb are applied in soils to improve soil fertility, plant vigour, to enhance quality and quantity of yield. It is available in liquid form are used in both organic and conventional agriculture.

It helps to grow soil microbes including bacteria and fungi, the product is highly enriched in carbon that is favourable for adequate photosynthesis by the plant and also conducive for carbon fixing microbes in the soil. N Carb facilitate improvement of soil structure and organic matter content hence protect the soil from degradation, erosion, with better aeration of soil helpful for the root growth of plant at ease. 

N Carb augment nutrient flow that improves the soil fertility hence both production and productivity is improved due to maximum utilization of nutrients without any loss by leaching or volatilization.


Method of application

Fruit crops




Soil application 

1500-2000 ml

1000 ml

1000 ml

1000 ml

N Carb is available in 1 Ltr and 5 Ltr pack

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