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Product Description

Brixx is a Boron Ethanolamine based liquid fertilizer which provides and maintains the levels of boron. It is readily absorbed through plant leaves, shoots, roots and reproductive structures. The product is in concentrated form and to be used at the recommended dosage.  It promotes greater crop health and higher yields. Whenever boron availability is limiting crop performance it is suitable both for foliar and root applications.

It is recommended for the preventive and curative control of insufficiency due to deficiency or poor assimilation of boron. 

Plays an important role in the activities like growing parts of plants, such as root tips, and leaf and bud development.  Brixx promotes calcium mobility and assimilation particularly in the binding of calcium to form cell walls and membranes of plant.

It plays an important role to increases sugar transportation formed during photosynthesis to actively developing fruits.

It has a critical role in regulating hormone levels in plants for flower initiation, fruit development, cell wall and tissue formation, and root elongation.

Dosage for Brixx per acre :


Foliar application

Soil application

Fruit crops

300-400 ml

500-750 ml


250-300 ml

400-500 ml


250-300 ml

400-500 ml


250-300 ml

400-500 ml


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