Our Vision

    Better agriculture for better future.

    Adasca would focus on customer delight by unique leadership, dedication, innovation, integrity and services in all its endeavours. Committed to achieve consistent growth driven by value system & value chain. Would work together as a team under a conducive & ecological environment. 


    Our Mission

    We make it our business to enhance your business.

    Improve product performance, efficiency, market differentiation and greater sustainability are keys to moving your business forward. Let us move forward together.


For farmers worldwide

Increasing yield is ADASCA'S top most priority...
Growers are under challenge to increase yield and profitability. We help them to maximize profit per acre by measuring soil nutrient requirements as per the cropping pattern.
Using the schedule recommended from our knowledge center, Farmers have improved profitability, simultaneously safeguarding its future.
Awareness related to crop and soil nutrition requirements and 
optimal utilization of resources for satisfactory productivity with value added yield.


For Agronomists

Improve expertise on above & below the ground.
Farmers have to manage many external factors like weather, crop health and farming inputs to gain maximum profit per acre. They look up to their agronomist as their trusted advisor to help & guide successful decision-making.
By critical situation analysis suitable recommendation imparted to the farmers to achieve crop productivity and production with value added Nutrition of their produce 
To provide growers with insight towards unexpected impediments to enhance crop yield through skillful recommendation towards farm produce profitability


For corporate and channel partners

facilitate farmers to be successful & accomplished
Adasca is continuously working to build wider network of corporate partners as well as market channel partners for scientific management of soil and crop. With our multifaceted database, trusted and tested crop schedule, we facilitate the information towards product, nutritive produce, productivity with respect to soil health. We recommend building futuristic, balance portfolio of crop nutrition and crop protection for a better crop management to reduce carbon footprints & safeguard the environment,
Through awareness building programs together with farmers, channel and corporate partners, we will contribute and secure a healthy future.

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Innovation in Foliar Nutrition

Innovation in Soil Nutrition