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Adasca a company having strong foundation with diversified and innovative technological research is expanding the wings globally to provide unique solution for sustainable agriculture.
Adasca United Kingdom is poised to expand its global presence in South East Asia, Middle East, Africa, South America, USA & Canada to provide unique solution for sustainable agriculture.
Adasca team in India, an extended arm is working rigorously in the process of continuous evolution of the concept of increasing crop productivity & quality up to the global standard with long term perspective, enhancing environmental quality as well as the resource base on which agriculture depends, enhancing the quality of life for farmers and the society as a whole.


Global Agriculture is stressed by unlimited use of Chemical Fertilizers or Chemical pesticides applied in the soil and foliage. The pollution havoc is being created by such hazardous items is the biggest challenge to the Global environment.
To feed the Global Population uninterruptedly is a challenge hence Biological innovation / Biotechnology Research based Agricultural inputs are expanding the wings with Eco-friendly agricultural practices that would keep the production & productivity standards without harming the Ecosystem.
Adasca manufacture promote its proprietary Fertisil series, specialty series, Ecopure series as well as other of ecological product range in India & Overseas markets. The portfolio include Nano particles based liquid foliar fertilizers, innovative specialties, biocontrol products to name a few.

Growers driven
Having worked with thousands of growers worldwide, we deeply understand and care about their daily needs challenges & motivations. We believe in moving ahead together, while we serve the entire ecosystem

Scientific integrity
Our innovative product range, unique process & careful ingredients identification are based on science & compatibility to natural ecosystem. Connecting with basic principles of agronomy, making future of farming the best.
Innovative solutions
Our great intelligent quotient with respect to problem solving in agriculture is beyond traditional or binary thinking.We deep dive into the root cause of the problem to recommend the treatment with our unmatched recommended solutions.

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