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Product Description

Silex is a super wetting, penetrant and spreading agent is a complete blend of silicon based adjuvant & yucca extract – saponin exhibits superior "Rain Fastness". Having a low molecular weight, non-ionic in nature this silicon surfactant has been developed to improve the wetting, spreading and penetration of agricultural inputs (insecticide, fungicide and nutrition) applied as foliar application on the plants or also used in the formulation of herbicide for faster penetration in the weeds.

The product has lower surface tension, excellent penetration, spreading and adhering properties on leaves. Efficiently works at a very low dosage and have a good compatibility with other agrochemicals.

Dosage and application

Silex is completely soluble in water. It can reduce the surface tension significantly lower than what is achievable with conventional non-ionic surfactant. Recommended concentration varies from 0.5 to 1.25 ml per litre of water .

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